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Change The Story

In 2018, Kenya embarked on a journey to attain 10% forest cover by 2022. Here at NCBA, we have joined hands with other Kenyans through the “Change The Story” campaign.

We have created a movement that awakened the consciousness of Kenyans to plant and conserve trees. Together with different stakeholders, we have planted over 7 Million trees across Kenya. Our staff members have directly planted 80,000 trees during the period.

For NCBA what matters to you – as an individual, businesses, the economy – matters to us, and the environment is one of those things that matters to all of us. It is paramount that each one of us steps up and plays a role towards increasing the country’s forest cover to 10%. Large parts of the country have witnessed the adverse effects of heavy rains whose consequences have been devastating including disrupting people’s lives, destruction of property and infrastructure; in some cases, the loss of lives.

The change in weather patterns and effects of climate change have had a severe ripple effect on the livelihood of Kenyans; especially in the agricultural sector. The environment remains the bedrock of our development, every sector of our economy depends upon it, and it remains vital in its own right. We cannot protect our forests and mitigate climate change unless we teach ourselves how to manage our natural resources. In addition we ask every one of us to consider how best to teach the young generation on the dangers of climate change and the necessity of preserving our environment. Wherever you are, you can do your part by planting a tree or supporting such initiatives.

We continue to engage a broader number of partners, both from Private and Public sectors, to join us in elevating the #ChangeTheStory campaign into a partnership platform.

We are pleased to see that our reforestation efforts so far have had a positive impact and we would like to call on your support as we seek to strengthen our efforts.

We are deeply grateful to all of you and our partners for joining this movement and urge those who have yet to commit, to come to join us now. Let’s heal and renew our country together. To be part of this initiatives and activities, send an email to

Together, let’s Go for it and #ChangeTheStory.

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