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Nova Pioneer Boys Secondary – Tree Planting Day

Nova Pioneer Boys Secondary – Tree Planting Day

NCBA Bank Kenya in partnership with The Green Belt Movement and Junior Achievement Kenya (JA Kenya) on 28 th September planted 100 trees at the Nova Pioneer School. The NCBA Change the Story campaign, now in its third year, seeks to plant 30 million trees across the country. The campaign hopes that by the end of the campaign, there will be additional 30,000 hectares of forest cover in critical watersheds within the five key water towers by the year 2030.

Speaking to the students at Nova Pioneer, NCBA TRM Branch Manager, John Njeri, reminded the girls that their time in the school should be memorable and that planting a tree is one of the ways they will be remembered.

“This is not just a tree planting exercise. As the future alumni of Nova Pioneer, you have the opportunity to leave a mark in your school and in the world. When you come back years later, you will sit back and enjoy the trees you have planted here today remembering you made an impact,” he said.

This partnership with The Green Belt Movement seeks to ensure that the trees planted are not only sustainable but foster climate resilience for every area that encourages the areas’ indigenous biodiversity.

“There are 1.2 billion young people in the world, and the young people are very critical in helping us fight climate change, which is one of today’s biggest crises,” said Program Manager of Climate Change at The Greenbelt Movement, Paul Thiong’o.

“One tree provides oxygen for 16 people. You can imagine the impact of the 100 trees we have planted here today. I urge you today to go beyond cutting a cake during your birthday celebrations and commit to plant a tree every year,” he added.

NCBA and The Greenbelt Movement were hosted by Nova Pioneer’s Junior Achievement Club and through this partnership, the girls were able to learn essential life lessons. Program Officer for Junior Achievement Kenya, James Mahondo challenged the students to consider the activities of the day as a tree growing exercise that means the girls should not just plant, but also look after the trees while they are still in school.

“Take a look at your own life and see how your parents have cared for you since you came into the world until you have grown into the beautiful people I see here. Likewise, take care of these trees.”

The event culminated with 100 trees planted around several areas of the grounds at Nova Pioneer Girls School. The over 6 acre reclaimed coffee plantation in Tatu City has potential for many more trees and we received a commitment from Principal Dr. Nduati Nyaboke beyond the ongoing efforts the school has taken to plant trees.

October 5, 2021
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