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Tree Nursery Programmes

Karura Tree Nursery Programme in partnership with Kenya Forest Service (KFS)


In 2019 we formed a partnership with Kenya Forest Service to develop an indigenous tree seedling nursery at Karura Forest. This was as a result of a deficit in seedlings during our tree planting initiatives to promote Change the Story campaign.

The objectives of the nursery is to provide:

  1. Continuous and affordable supply of quality seedlings
  2. Support to the government seedling deficit within the country
  3. Reforestation in the water towers
  4. Better climate which will eradicate hunger, soil erosion, drought and floods


The tree nursery development began in July 2020 after a framework for collaboration was signed between NCBA Bank and KFS. Construction was completed in April 2021 and we have commenced operations.

The seedlings are projected to be ready by the end of 2022. All individuals, groups and organizations can buy the seedlings once they are ready.


Kieni Climate Initiative in partnership with World Wide Fund (WWF)


Kieni Climate Initiative is a community based organization based in Gataragwa Ward of arid Kieni Sub-county in Nyeri County. The organization was formed by local community actors sensitive to threats of people’s livelihood and declining agricultural economic activity brought caused by the negative effects of climate change. In partnership with WWF-Kenya, we started a piloting project for tree nurseries in four selected schools in October 2020 namely: Kimunyuru Secondary School, Embaringo Secondary School, Watuka Polytechnic and Charity Primary School. Each school will sow 25,000 seedlings.

The objective of this project is to help stop and reverse debilitating effects of climate change caused by decades of environmental degradation from unchecked overexploitation of forest resources within farmlands/natural forests in Kieni Sub-county.

The nursery beds will contain the below tree species:

  1. Cypress
  2. Grevillea
  3. Casuarina
  4. Bottle Brush
  5. Eucalyptus
  6. Fruit trees such as avocado, tree tomatoes and pears


The seedlings are projected to be ready by the end of 2021. We purpose to extend the same in different counties/schools upon completion and a successful pilot project.

Together, let’s Change the Story!
For further information, please contact:

NCBA and KFS launches 1 million Indigenous Tree Nursery

NCBA Bank has today, through its Change the Story initiative, launched a one million indigenous tree nursery at Karura Forest. This was done in partnership with Kenya Forest Services (KFS) to help inspire change by protecting our environment through tree planting.

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