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NCBA and KFS launches 1 million Indigenous Tree Nursery

NCBA and KFS launches 1 million Indigenous Tree Nursery

Through our Change the Story initiative, we launched a one million indigenous tree nursery at Karura Forest in November 2020. This was done in partnership with Kenya Forest Services (KFS) to help inspire change by protecting our environment through tree planting.

NCBA invested Kshs 13 million towards the project as part of our reforestation initiative #ChangeTheStory. KFS on the other hand donated the 1.7 acres of land where the nursery has been constructed and is also providing technical expertise in modelling of the tree nursery. For ease of movement to the site, KFS is also putting up a bridge and an access road through the forest.

In recent years, we together with partners have planted over 7 Million trees across Kenya including over 80,000 trees directly planted by NCBA staff.

The seedlings should be ready by the end of 2022. All individuals, groups and organisations, can buy the seedlings at a subsidized cost.

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May 27, 2021
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