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Youth Education and Enterprise

We have a role to play in empowering the youth and supporting the community in which we operate in.

Over the years, we have partnered with several foundations to enable them sponsor needy students through their education. We annually support 90 students by providing mentorship and financial donations through our partners: Edumed Trust, Dr. Choksey Albinism Foundation, M-Pesa Foundation Academy, SOS Children’s Villages Kenya and Palmhouse Foundation.

Supporting education especially of bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds is in line with the national agenda [Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4] that singles out education and training as a vehicle that will drive Kenya into a middle-income economy. At NCBA we are persuaded that Education is a powerful tool for change; it improves health and livelihoods, and drives long-term economic growth and social stability. In addition, our goal is to eliminate poverty and provide a solution to achieve sustained community transformation through education.

People living with albinism continue to be stigmatized and shunned by the society in Africa. To this effect, we champion inclusive education by sponsoring students living with albinism. We are proud to see our students soaring to greater heights and achieving their dreams.

Over the last six years we have worked with seven different partners and have reached 15,000 youths nationally.
We support inclusive growth and development that addresses inequalities between men and women through our Citizenship pillars that protect our future generations and share a common purpose of improving the lives of vulnerable groups.

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