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NCBA T20 Cricket Tournament

NCBA commitment to promoting and supporting sports and sport tourism is a key element of our corporate social responsibility programme, in alignment with our core purpose of contributing towards sustainable development of sporting industry in Kenya and other African markets where we operate. 

As NCBA Bank we are proud to be a part of T20 Cricket Tournament. We are in the right path to harness young talent and remain committed to be a part of this community and sport, in the Coast region. We are also proud to have partnered and collaborated with the Coast Cricket Association to support the youth through sports.

The tourney brings together local cricket teams including professional players and cricket enthusiasts with the event expected to run for just under three months. 

We support the below 9 Teams: 

  1. Burhani Sports Club
  2. Coast Gymkhana
  3. Jaffery Sports Club
  4. Memon Sports Club
  5. Mombasa Sports Club – A
  6. Mombasa Simba Sports Club
  7. Shree Cutchi LPS
  8. Pakistan Cricket Club
  9. Mombasa Sports Club – B


For more information on the tourney, visit 

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